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Royal Financial Services is a full-service, black-owned financial company, based in Cleveland Ohio. We help our clients acquire loans by fixing bad credit reports, and save on their taxes—so they can finally get their dream home, their dream car, their dream business, and achieve full financial freedom. We’re passionate about helping our clients acquire the wealth that they deserve, and with over 20 years of financial and real estate experience, we’re well equipped to help you with your money issues.

Whether it’s managing your debts, or building your investment portfolio, we’ll advise you on the proper steps to take. All you have to do is schedule a (FREE) appointment and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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Congratulations! You’re well on your way to financial freedom….

If Only

  • You could fix your bad credit score
  • You could dispute negative or inaccurate credit reports
  • You could restore your credit (to where it should be)
  • You planned for your taxes ahead of time
  • You filed all the necessary tax returns
  • You saved on your taxes
  • Your loan application got approved

The list could go on and on, but it all boils down to this— your financial state could have been better if you KNEW better. If they taught you more about financial literacy in school, or you had more experience handling money, things could have been different.

We know how financial problems can stop you from living your dream life. But the good news is, you don’t have to go through it alone. We can help!

What happens when you have bad credit?

Bad credit IS a cause for concern. It may:

  • Cause the debt collectors to come knocking on your door
  • Cause you to pay higher insurance premiums
  • Require you to give security deposits on utilities
  • Deny you from renting an apartment
  • Deny you from getting hired
  • Deny you living in your dream home
  • Deny you your dream car

We’ll help you to identify exactly what is affecting your credit score, and how we can fix it together. Most of our clients see results between 30 to 45 days (for improving their credit score), and 6 to 8 months to repair their credit (could be less, depending on their problem).


What We Offer

Credit Repair

Get the Royal Treatment You Need to Get Your Credit Back on Track

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Business Credit Services

Get the Business Funding You Need to Unlock Endless Opportunities

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Tax Services

Preparing Your Taxes Doesn’t Have to be Taxing

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Great customer service, very knowledgeable about credit, guaranteed to see results.

Regina Garvin-Buckley

You guys are amazing inside and out!! Thank you for changing lives and giving back to the ppl. You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work and keep raising those scores up😘

Nikita Clincy

Very attentive and professional, quick to respond to message and address the needs of their clients.

Renee Gomas

Royal treatment 24/7

We pride ourselves in treating all our clients like royalty. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, and guarantee VIP treatment— no matter your problem.